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Securities trading, clearing and settlement

963彩票开户Securities trading, clearing and settlement statistics provide information on the different types of pre- and post-trade infrastructures/systems in the European Union.

963彩票开户Data are presented in accordance with the three stages of securities transactions:

  1. Securities trading – securities exchange (SEE) statistics
  2. Securities clearing – central clearing counterparty (CCP) statistics
  3. Securities settlement – central securities depository (CSD) statistics

Reporting requirements were revised in 2005 and 2006, and the new methodologies could not be applied to earlier years. Consequently, data on central securities depositories cover the period from 2005 onwards. Data on securities exchanges and central clearing counterparties cover the period from 2006 onwards.


Data on securities are published for each of the systems located in the European Union and include data on the volume and value of transactions. Data are provided in accordance with a harmonised list of types of transaction and security. More information on the relevant reporting requirements can be found in the Methodological note on securities trading, clearing and settlement statistics ( download).

Where there are discrepancies or additional information available as regards the data reported, these are indicated in "Securities trading, clearing and settlement statistics - Compilation of notes".

Securities trading statistics

These data are provided by securities exchanges and other systems (SEE) that constitute regulated markets within the meaning of the Investment Services Directive.

Securities clearing statistics

963彩票开户These data are provided by central clearing counterparties (CCPs). Some of the CCPs cover clearing in different European countries.

Securities settlement statistics

963彩票开户These data are provided by central securities depositories (CSDs), including international CSDs located in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Time series (Statistical Data Warehouse – Interactive data access)

Reports in PDF (Statistical Data Warehouse – Interactive data access)

963彩票开户Pre-formatted tables of securities statistics for the last five years and a convenient link to the full series.

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