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Technical central bank cooperation

The ECB’s technical central bank cooperation reflects its role as a major central bank in the global economy and financial system, and as an EU institution. Cooperation focuses on:

Central banks of G20 emerging market economies

The main objective of this cooperation is to enhance mutual awareness and understanding of the ECB’s and partner central banks’ policies and the underlying motivation and analysis. It reflects the growing role of G20 emerging market economies in the global economy and financial system.

The ECB develops its cooperation with G20 emerging market economies on the basis of memoranda of understanding (MoUs). MoUs foreseeing high-level policy dialogue and annual work programmes are in place with the central banks of China (2008), Turkey (2012), Russia (2012), India (2015) and Brazil (2016).

Global and regional institutions

963彩票开户Cooperation with global and regional institutions involved in technical cooperation helps disseminate the ECB’s policy messages and technical expertise in different regions of the world.

The ECB maintains structured relations with other main providers in the area of central bank cooperation, both global () and regional, like the Arab Monetary Fund (), the Center for Latin American Monetary Studies (), the South-East Asian Central Banks Research and 963彩票开户 Centre () and the Gulf Monetary Council ().

Central banks of EU candidate and potential candidate countries

The ECB supports institution-building and best practices in central banks of countries with EU accession perspectives. It helps these institutions with their preparation to join the ESCB (which will occur once their countries become members of the EU).

Technical central bank cooperation is an important tool for strengthening the institutional capacity of central banks, in particular in the Western Balkans, with a view to compliance with EU and international central banking standards.

963彩票开户In addition, the ECB responds to ad hoc requests for technical cooperation from central banks worldwide.

963彩票开户Technical central bank cooperation comprises the exchange of expertise, the sharing of best practices and capacity-building. It includes a wide range of activities, such as workshops and seminars, staff secondments, expert visits and training programmes.

The aim of this cooperation is to strengthen relations with central banks outside the EU and foster sound central banking practices, thereby contributing to price and financial stability worldwide. Cooperation also helps the ECB explain its policies in an international context.

963彩票开户The Task Force on Central Bank Cooperation coordinates technical cooperation activities within the ESCB. It comprises experts from the ECB and national central banks and operates under the auspices of the International Relations Committee of the ESCB.

The task force published a best practice document in December 2017 outlining the rationale behind, and the principles underpinning, the ESCB’s international central bank cooperation activities, as well as examples of the format they take.

International central bank cooperation: ESCB best practices

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