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Execution planning phase

Detailed plans

View towards the high-rise from the West

View towards the high-rise from the West


963彩票开户 The execution planning phase involves fine-tuning the plans developed during the detailed planning phase, with a view to facilitating the construction of the new premises of the European Central Bank (ECB). Since January 2009, architects and planners have been working on the detailed plans for the new premises.

Tendering the construction works

The execution planning phase has commenced in parallel to the second tendering procedure for the construction works, which was launched at the beginning of 2009 after the first tendering procedure for a general contractor to was closed on 25 June 2008 because it did not produce a satisfactory economic result.

Re-tendering of the construction works

963彩票开户 For the second tendering procedure, the construction works were divided into packages and lots in the hope that medium-sized companies would also submit competitive tenders and that specialised companies would be found for each trade. Thus far, eight packages have been tendered, with a further four envisaged for 2010/2011.

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