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963彩票开户 If you are a leading economist in academia, central banks or top research institutions, you are invited to apply for the Wim Duisenberg Research Fellowship Programme. This programme is organised by the Directorate General Research (DG/R).

The aim of this programme is to:

  • promote policy-relevant research of the highest academic standard
  • give research staff exposure to and experience in the most recent advances in economic research
  • provide eminent scholars with an insight into the ECB’s policy-making environment

Content of the programme

963彩票开户 As a Research fellow you produce papers of a theoretical or empirical nature. These will be presented at internal and external conferences. The papers might also be published in the ECB’s Working Paper Series and, possibly, a refereed journal. The research project must focus on issues of relevance to the work of DG/R.

963彩票开户 You will exchange opinions, insights and experience with ECB staff members, both within DG/R and in other business areas.

963彩票开户 Further information about the programme and application process, please visit Programmes and networks.

Programmes and network

Freelance contracts

We also hire professional translators and lawyer-linguists with experience in the ECB’s fields of competence on a freelance basis. They translate from English into other official languages of the EU and vice versa.

963彩票开户 In addition, the ECB also hires professional freelance linguists for terminology-related work and for editing and proof-reading assignments in English.

963彩票开户 for freelance procurements

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